Intensive courses :

1-Intensive Arabic letters preparatory course:

image The course started in September 2004, taking into consideration the impotency of remembering Arabic letters before joining official lessen, as preparatory lessons. The course is one week, 20 hours. The Total of 10 times of the lessons were materialized since September 2004. Total of 568 students have joined such lesson since.

2 -Arabic literature course :

To practice a foreign language it is highly recommended that the students should practice this language in natural contexts, it is the main aim to talk & use the language with others. So comes this course on April 2007 till April 2008. With a Total of 23 students have enjoyed the course.

3- Arabic conversation course:

In This course the students mainly the graduates enjoy learning some guidance & broad outline of the Arabic literature & its’ principles & theories in a manner that match their knowledge & language standards, within the syllabus of this course the students learn some Arabic poem , train how to taste & evaluate it , the course started on April 2007, until September 2009.with a Total of 51 students who enjoyed the course.

4- Arabic (Oratory) Speech course.:

The course is set to teach the main guidance of speech techniques using all the knowledge & skills that obtained during learning Arabic language in the institute . as one of the skills that the student should acquire as an Arabic language learner , the course opened on April 2007 till April 2008. A Total of 15 students joined the course. This course enables the students to participate in the speech contests that held at the institu

5-Arabic Typing course:

The course is designed to fulfill the needs of the students for Arabic typing to know how to type Arabic letters on the keyboard & how to deal with it. since September 2007 to September 2008 the course is conducted 3 times with the total of 25 students were trained. In addition to that course, during the Olympic competition for Arabic language there is another program of typing & it is part of the awarded contest , in Such case, every year, there are about 10 students who enjoy practicing the typing skill. This course is conducted usually at the well prepared language laboratory .

6-Arabic Grammar instructed in Japanese language course :

Although it is un recommended in applied linguistics , but to help the students who are enjoying to self study the language ,This course is designed in Japanese to enables those students to study the Arabic grammar & language rules . the course is opened on April 2011. With a Total of 35 students joined the course.

7-Listening skill course : :

Using the advanced prepared language laboratory in the institute & the already lessons processed in the huge server of the institute, to facilitate the opportunity for our students to practice this important skill in acquiring various language skills , among which listening the second one in learning a foreign language, with the full supervision of well experienced teachers, The course is opened on April 2007 till April 2008. A Total of 34 students have enjoyed the course

8-Arabic culture course :

To study the language necessarily to study the culture of this language, The course is aiming to teach the Arabic culture , to answer many questions that face the language learner, the course opened newly on April 2013, Thursday evening, 10 times. With a Total of 23 students who joined the course.

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