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Arabic language Olympics :

image Annually held at the end of each second semester , since 8th February 2004 , was the first Olympic contest, at the Arabic Islamic premises , this Olympic aims at strengthening the Arabic Japanese relations , in addition to strengthening the students Arabic language skill in a free competition , many join & participate in this competition , students, graduates, & some Japanese universities students who study Arabic language or Arabic culture, as well as the students’ families, all this competition is honored by a high rank honorary guest

The contest constitutes of Arabic typing at the language laboratory, Arabic Calligraphy, this one is shares by students , graduates& some other universities students who are concerned by Arabic & Arabic culture,& the Arabic Speech( Oratory) for all Japanese who can deliver it in standard Arabic from the Institute students or others from Japanese Academic institutions as well, the last version was held on 26th January 2013 ,mean while the first one was held on 8th February 2008, till now a number of ten versions were held.