News \ Saudi Arabia & Japan; a new phase of strategic partnership

On the eve of the historic visit of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense & Aviation and Inspector General to Japan, the Arabic Islamic Institute in Tokyo held on Saturday 29, 2006 a symposium under the title: Saudi Arabia & Japan; A new phase of strategic partnership, attended by a large audience of Arab and representatives of the diplomatic corps.

The program of the symposium included the following:
- Pm12 the beginning of the ceremony
- Recitation of the Holy Koran; by Honorable Mohammed Ziton
- Welcoming statement ; by D. Mohammed bin Hassan Alzeer, Director of the Institute.
- A speech by Mr. Kiichi Konaga, Chairman of the Saudi/Japanese Friendship Society.

The First Session from 15,2 to 4.53
Chaired by Dr. Mori Nobao, head of the Center for Sharia Studies, University of Takochoko, Japan





The strategic importance of Saudi-Japanese relations

Dr.Atsumi Kenge (Showa Center for Economic Research ,Chief of Arabic research Department  , professor ,Tokyo International University , in-charge of the Arabic strategic dialogue forum


Prospects for a multi-level strategic partnership between Japan and Saudi Arabia

Dr. Mohammed Bin Hassan Al-Zeer ,Director of the Arabic - Islamic Institute in Tokyo, (former dean of the Faculty of Arabic Language, Islamic University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud).


The Second Session  From 4:00 to 5 :20
Chaired by  Mr. Amin Tokomas Secretary-General of the Saudi-Japanese Friendship Society





The  (Petrorabig) project and Saudi-Japanese partnership in the petrochemical industries

Hiroshi Hirose, Representative of Sumotomo company


The road map for the development of the Saudi-Japanese technical cooperation

Mr. Eng. Essam Al-Bukhari (Head of the Department of Culture and Information,  Islamic Arab Information Institute in Tokyo, researcher at Doctorate  stage, University of Waseda in the field of technology management

The final session from 5 :30 to 6:30
reading the final statement and recommendations
At the end of the seminar participants concluded with the following recommendations :

        Emphasis on the continuation and deepening the strategic dialogue between Japan and Saudi Arabia at all levels and in various fields to enhance their partnership

        Emphasis on the continuation and deepening of dialogue between Japan and Saudi Arabia and expanding it to include the entire Islamic world , in the context of the pursuit of mutual understanding, in order to build a common culture based on human experience and knowledge, mutual benefits and common interests

        Activate discussions on how to promote joint investments between the two countries

        Supporting joint researches and literary works between universities, professors , thinkers and  intellectuals in Saudi Arabia and Japan to deepen mutual understanding between the two countries civilizations

        To actively promote Saudi-Japanese technical cooperation so as to achieve the requirements of the development of the two countries with view of serving global stability

        Strengthening Saudi-Japanese cooperation in the service of security and global stability in the Middle East and the world

        Study to learn from the experience of the Arab Islamic Institute in Tokyo and generalize it at the local level in other Japanese cities and at the international level in Asian countries to promote Asian-Arab relations

        Emphasis on the importance of  holding such a symposium in Japan and Saudi Arabia on a regular basis in a specific date.

        Action on investment interest in the field of tourism, and promoting the tourism industry between the two countries

        Establishing departments for the Arabic and Islamic studies in the Japanese universities and institutes to be supported by the academic and scientific centers in the Kingdom.

        Adopting an  initiative to establish scientific Saudi chairs in the Japanese Universities under the name of Late  King Fahad, and a second one under the name  of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah (may God preserve him)

        Establishing cultural centers in both countries, and activate the  bilateral scientific translation between the two civilizations

         Increase the opportunities of scholarships for students from both sides, and the creation of specific programs for Japanese students to study the Arabic language and Islamic culture in the Saudi universities.