About AIIT \ Message from Imam University Director

Thanks to Allah, and blessed be His prophet, all his family and companions.

The government of the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques, Allah blesses him, seeks to serve all Moslem generations and does all to educate them and promote the legal sciences and the Arabic language among them.

In an effort to fulfill this responsibility, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia initiated the idea of an institute under the auspices of the Mohamed Bin Saud University. As such, the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques, His Royal Highness, Crown Prince and His Royal Highness, the second Deputy Prime Minister inaugurated a number of colleges and institutes in the Arab and Islamic countries that contain Moslem communities.

The government, upon opening such colleges and institutes, took into consideration the population density and location so that these educational institutions could serve the highest number of Moslems.

The objective of these colleges and institutes is to promote the legal sciences and the Arabic language based on correct ethics, which are built on balance and not exaggeration and extremism. It also aims at deepening the friendship relations between the Saudi nation and other Moslem and friendly nations.

In addition, it aims to serve science, the identification of the glorious Islamic civilization and straight culture. The Arabic Islamic Institute of Tokyo is one of these cultural minarets, which was established by the university to carry out its cultural message and serve the Moslem generations through teaching them and linking them with their nation and civilization.

The institute also has another mission, which is to link the Japanese nation with the Saudi nation in aspects of culture and knowledge exchange.

I ask Allah to make it a beneficial, scientific minaret and cultural source so as to achieve its objectives. I also ask Allah to safeguard the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques, His Deputy and His Second Deputy, and bless them with all goodness for all the glorious and magnificent works and services they have provided to their country and the Moslem nations.

Best regards,

Dr. Mohammed Bin Saad Al Salem