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Director Al Ghelani’s meeting with the Azabu police

 2On March 22nd (Fri), 2019, Seiji Murata, assistant security officer at the security section of the Metropolitan Police Department Azabu police station, visited the Arab Islamic Institute and talked with the director of the Institute, Eng. Adel Hasan Al-Ghelani.
Mr. Murata instructed about the preparation for natural disasters that may occur in the future, and the response of the Institute at the time of disasters.
In response, Director of the Institute Al-Ghelani expressed his intention to conduct disaster drills in collaboration with the Azabu police station and the Azabu fire department.
After the talks, Mr. Murata, donated to the disaster response manual to the Institute. The finance manager and the public relations manager of the Institute also attended the meeting.

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